a giant juice blender powered by bicycles!

Nudie Juice Blender

The Nudie Juice Blender was a fun project for obvious reasons.  IT'S A GIANT BLENDER THAT YOU TOW WITH YOUR CAR!

One of the cool things about designing and 3D Modelling this project was the ability to make sure that the blender looked in proportion once scaled up.  3D renders really made this possible.

Once complete, the giant blender was set up at events and sites around Victoria and New South Wales, The bikes were ridden by children and the flying fruit gives the illusion that the kids are powering the blender.

This brand activation worked hand in hand with product sampling.

3D Render

Nudie Juice Brand Activation Concept 3D Render

2D Front

Nudie Juice Blender Concept

2D Side

Nudie Jucie Blender Concept 2D Example

2D Rear

Nudie Juice Brand Activaion