"fruntside works with all of the latest design software and a custom built water cooled computer to make your ideas come to life"
This is an important time of the process where you get to tell us what you are after.
You provide Fruntside with a description or brief or your project, or we are happy to sit in on meetings with you and your client to make sure we are all on the same page.
This is where fruntside gets its creative on and produces prelim drawings.
Fruntside begins working on your project and produces preliminary drawings and wireframes.  Client reviews preliminary drawings and provides feedback/change requests.
The business bit, although a little boring, its very important we both know where we stand.
Fruntside will produce a quotation and lead time for completing the works.  Client accepts quotation and agrees to payment terms.
This is the good part!   You get your finished photo realistic render, and we get payed!
Fruntside provides finished work via email or FTP download link. Very large files are provided on memory stick.  You finalise payments and we will remove the watermark.